Given the changing situation, this scheme is currently on hold. A big thank you to all the 550 volunteers who participated helping 100 organisations.

On Thursday, 19th March, we emailed part of our network to test an idea. Almost two hundred communications experts replied volunteering their time and skill. Fantastic.

By 5pm Friday 20th Rob Killick CEO at ClerksWell and his team demoed a prototype website. Fantastic.

Meanwhile David Fraser Director at Harrison:Fraser and his team developed our name and brand. Fantastic.

On Monday 30th, we launched this site. Thank you everyone (now over 500 people!) for donating your time and doing such a fantastic job.

What’s the plan?

To put expert volunteer communicators together with organisations at the front line of fighting Covid-19. We hope that the whole communications industry gets involved. We will keep this going until need stops or when this terrible situation has ended.

Who’s supporting this?

We hope everyone in the Comms and PR industry will. In effect, this is about top comms professional in the private sector, helping their peers in the charitable and public sector.

What else can I do to help?

Apart from volunteering, there are lots of things you can do. Here are two:

  • Use your PR skills to get more volunteers
  • Use your PR skills to reach out to comms teams (or for example a CEO of a small charity etc) to spread the word that there is a community of expert communicators waiting to help organisations dealing with C19


None yet.

Contact Us

Please be prepared to wait up to 48 hours before you get confirmation you have been registered on the database. We are checking every application before it goes live. But please only volunteer if you genuinely have the communications expertise necessary to support the type of organisations #C19commsvolunteers is aimed at.

In an emergency or if it’s just urgent you can email ben@ellwoodatfield.com. For other general enquiries, offers of other help, support etc please use needhelpC19@ellwoodatfield.com.

GDPR & Privacy

Anyone providing information on this website might have it shared as part of this initiative. The whole point of giving your data is to allow certain organisations to review it and contact you about volunteering for them.

We will take care of the information you provide. We have been respecting the private career ambitions and client intimacies as head-hunters to the comms and advocacy industry for many years. We will do our best, but right now we are focused on putting volunteers and organisations together. DO NOT share your details if you have any concerns.

If you have any questions about how we use what we know about you or wish to exercise your rights to access, correct, erase or restrict the information you have provided, please email us at hello@ellwoodatfield.com. If you would like to know more about your rights under the Data Protection Law, see the Information Commissioners Office.

Press Enquiries

If you are a journalist or have other media enquiries, please contact: needhelpC19@ellwoodatfield.com or call James on 07860 400 326.