Given the changing situation, this scheme is currently on hold. A big thank you to all the 550 volunteers who participated helping 100 organisations.

Here we thank the organisations supporting this service:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone of us and for communications professionals this scheme is a contribution to the national effort. I’m really grateful to all who volunteer, helping NHS facilities across the country. Please do think about joining the scheme.”

Simon Enright
Director of Communications – NHS England and NHS Improvement

“On behalf of the PRCA, ICCO, and LGComms, I’d like to thank Ellwood Atfield for this fantastic initiative, and to urge industry to get behind it.”

Francis Ingham
PRCA Director General; ICCO Chief Executive; LGComms Executive Director

“In the current crisis, it’s vital that charities are able to communicate effectively with beneficiaries, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders. This is why Media Trust partnered with CharityComms to survey charities to identify their biggest communications challenges and support needs as a result of Covid-19….97% of respondents said they would benefit from pro bono or volunteer support, underscoring the massive opportunity for the media and creative industry to get involved and contribute resources and volunteer support at this critical time.”

Su-Mei Thompson
CEO, The Media Trust

“In a time of so many messages, true, false, just too many, it made sense when we heard that #CommsVolunteers was being established to marry experienced ‘communicators’ with those organisations who most need to get their message across. Charities, community groups and others. Our team were able to help with language and look and feel to help set this venture off on the best possible footing. Glad to hear it is going well.”

David Fraser

“We at ClerksWell are honoured to have lent our expertise to this fantastic initiative. It has been a privilege to see everyone in the comms industry come together to fight COVID-19 with our help. Sign up if you can!”

Rob Killick
CEO, Clerkswell

Other supporters