Organisations in need of Comms volunteers

Given the changing situation, this scheme is currently on hold. A big thank you to all the 550 volunteers who participated helping 100 organisations.

If you are a NFP, charity or public sector organisation operating within the health, social care, social housing or education sectors, please complete this form to request volunteer help.

Get the word out to other organisations and comms teams who need help. We have volunteers waiting to help, support and relieve.

How this works

It’s simple. Take 2 minutes filling in the “I need a volunteer form”. Once accepted you will receive a confirmation of your request within 48 hours. Our team will then run a search to review available and relevant volunteers, selecting those we think can best help. We’ll then share their details with you so that you can contact volunteers directly via email. If your circumstances change (you no longer need help) please notify us by emailing