Comms Volunteers

Given the changing situation, this scheme is currently on hold. A big thank you to all the 550 volunteers who participated helping 100 organisations.

You might be a retired or part-time strategic communications director with crisis and/or employee communications expertise which would benefit our health service.

You might be a PR consultant who would be happy to volunteer your time to support with media handling at this unprecedented time.

You might work at a communications consultancy that can second (for free) someone from your team or a whole team!

Get the word out to organisations and comms teams who need help. Ask them to request it; we have volunteers waiting to support, help and relieve them.

How this works

It’s simple. Take 2 mins filling in the “I want to volunteer form”. Once accepted, you will receive an email confirming your help. When organisations request a volunteer your details will be filtered through a search, and, if you are matched with a request that we receive, your details will be shared with that organisation who will get in touch with you directly. If your circumstances change (you can offer more or less time) please notify us ASAP by emailing: